Take the Lead

This is a no brainer for anyone in leadership to figure out..very dissappointed in both the president and the president elect..
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say “Hey Donald..lets you and I get on national TV as a united force for America and call and end to the rioting, protest,and racial backlash being exhibited by both party supporters..

It is divisive and serves only to weaken us as a nation before the eyes of the world (including our enemies) …the enemies of America know the best time to strike is when a foe is at their weakest point…and they are at their weakest when they are divided …hence the term United We Stand, Divided We Fall ..

This display of disunity will cost thousands of lives…remember 9-11, and what help to fuel it…Al Queada saw an opportunity to challenge Bush, who if you recall at the time was not the peoples choice..but won the electorate..the same thing has taken place here..but on a far greater scale..this is dangerous.

We need our law enforcement resources to protect us from threats of terrorism..but the manpower is being thinned out, having to deal with rioting…and our enemies lurking within this country see this and will take advantage of it if it doesn’t stop immediately.and it wil end up costing us thousands of innocent lives….why can’t our leaders see this….and come together for the good of the nation..address the issue by a united call for calm
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Posted on November 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

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