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Animated Novel

When Derek W. Wright reknowned author and award winning screenwriter of “When The Dust Settles” decided to turn his recent book “Concrete Dreams” into an animated crime drama he contacted us through a referral, with nothing more than a script, a storyboard outline and a dream.

We went to task of creating the characters, the environment, the props, the video editing and compositing in record time to make Dereks dream come true. We think derek was very pleased to say the least based on his comments via email.

In Derek’s very own words via email correspondence:
You are the man, Rodney!
I have to admit, I’m kinda’ choked up over here watching this.
“Once again, you amaze me with your talent and concentration on detail. as far as I’m concerned, God brought us both here at the same time for a purpose: GO CRAZY WITH IT, BRO! I love your workJust be careful not to add too many modern touches to the room.
Great work, my brother

Concrete Dreams – Author Derek Wright @Amazon.com


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