Bartering Arrangement for Professional Speakers

Greetings my fellow brothers and sisters in the world of professional speaking
I have just entered the exciting and challenging world of professioanl speaking
and I am seeking a mentor to help me along the way to success in this exciting industry by bartering my valued services in exchange for you direct mentorship, which may include one or more of the following:

Assisting you in the administrative duties of booking gigs,
Hosting and opening for you at events,
Selling your product at events allowing you more time to mingle and network,
Managing your social media marketing and branding campaigns,
Creating and designing your ebook or physical book,
Maintaining, updating, revamping or building your website,
Designing and production of your promotional collateraL,
Editing and/or creating¬†your demo reel and if neccessary…
Assisting you in touching up your speeches with humor and entertainment value

A brief bio of the assistance and services i can provide
I have an extensive background in the following areas of expertise for over 25 years
Website Design:
Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing:
Video Editing & Composition:

After building a successful design business which still functions, I was able to retire in my early 40′s and decided I had the time and money to pursue a lifelong dream of mine to be a standup comic

I have since then over the last 15 years featured and headlined at comedy clubs nationwide and shared the stage with the likes of Ray Romano, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jim Gaffigan, Judah Friedlander and many others.¬†I have been featured as a Finalist on NBC’s “Standup for Diversity” and BET’s Comic View

I am however now looking forward to making the transition from standup to a speaking career (ala Steve Rizzo) I believe that by far the best way to learn how to succeed as a professional speaker is through mentorship. Working directly with an active successful professional speaker successfully and consistently securing paid engagements in the genre you wish to pursue.

All inquires are welcomed to discuss bartering arrangement

Please feel free to contact me at rodcavspeaks@gmail or by replying to this post

Thank You
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Posted on August 13, 2013 in Business, Education, Entertainement, Lifestyle, Marketing

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  1. Edna J White
    November 11, 2016 at 2:07 pm · Reply

    I’d be willing to talk and come to an agreement to mentor you. I like bartering and it works well to networking out of the box.

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